Friday 3 December 2021

I would like now to present a “referee CV” of a women from Poland, who attended multiple camps in Europe and her career is growing over the years quite fast - Ewa Matuszewska.

Ewa: Basketball is in my life since I can remember. First, I was a player, but my „big heart” was not enough to make „big career”. Moreover many injuries happened to me, so one day I decided to stop playing. It was in 2008 when officiating came as a possibility to stay engaged with basketball. At the beginning I didn’t want to take refereeing seriously. But first time when I felt adrenaline on the court I knew that it was it. Now I am officiating Top Woman Division and 2nd Man Division in my country. I hope it is not my last word :)

Privately I am cheerful and friendly person. I graduated Psychology at University of Gdansk and working as a Manager in Marketing Agency. I interested in healthy live style and cultivate many kinds of sports, especially cross fit, running, sailing and skiing. But my favorite one is for sure sleeping :)

I was at camp three times and for me this is the best opportunity to make progress. Studying new things and officiating is one big part of this camp. But meeting people from different countries, making friendship for years and having fun is the second part which is even more important to me because this camp taught me that making good calls is important, if you want to be good referee.; but if you want to be the best referee you must start from being a good human and never forget that officiating is not everything what you have in your life.