Friday 3 December 2021

We are back with the campers stories! Next one is Veronika Vavrova from Czech. See below the intro.

Veronika Vavrova:

I have been living in Prague and working for pharmaceutical company and both enable me to officiate for so long I do. My 6th season in the 1st division women finished with the final game a month ago.

This is my 5th Kuba's camp and I had been to Alan's CanDo as well as to Scania Cup during the last years. I find this way the best to get the right motivation and to improve all the skills we need on the court, to meet (not only) new people and experience interesting angles of view to avoid colorblindness. We can learn from the best to never give up and enjoy.

And here I would like to leave some messages:

  1. to Rene Brandstötter - no, I have not started my ref career at my age of 10! :-)))
  2. special best regards for agent Daniel Adeyemi
  3. Paulina, I cross my fingers! :)
  4. thank you, Andris The showmaker! :)
  5. Hsieh FeiFei, very nice surpirse after 5 years!!! :)

I do believe this camp will be the high level one again and I want to thank in advance to all who have been already working hard to make this event possible for us! Especially to KUBA!


Can't wait!