Friday 30 October 2020

This year’s camp it is going to be fantastic. Another name on the list of the instructors, who will come to Walbrzych is George Toliver. As a matter of introduction George is currently working as an Associate Vice President in the Referee Development of NBA.

We are more than happy for the new guest who will come to us from Spain. Daniel Hierrezuelo is unquestionable one of the best officials in Euroleague now, leading the most important games in the league from many seasons.

Dani started to officiate in 1990. Five years after he had his first game in ACB league. Counting until now he had 670 ACB games, 14 King Cup games and 18 Final games in the league. Such a career developed in 2000, when Daniel became an international referee and five years after got his Euroleague license.

BulucYalçın is the first instructor name to be announced as for the 11th coming soon in Wałbrzych. 

Mr Buluc was born in 1971 in Istanbul. In the years 1981-1990 he played basketball in Efes Pilsen junior team. Right after in 1991 he became a referee and he was officiating on the national level until year 2002.

We are honored to host Mr Konrad Tomczyk, who will come to REFEREE.PL as a guest. Some of you may know him as he was many years Top Polish League and FIBA referee. But he is the most known as one of the best instructors, presenters and interpreters of the basketball rules in the history of Polish basketball. Kuba can tell you how his refereeing story began exactly because of this man.

This year’s camp is going to be very interesting and as you can see on our webpage we will have a great group of instructors, which is going to be even bigger in a way, that we have one more instructor who will help during and after the camp – Jose Anibal Carrion!

The second instructor to announce for the REFEREE.PL is well known for our campers from previous years - Peter Strikwerda from Netherlands.

As you could read for the past two weeks we have announced some of the instructors who will be coming to the camp this year. To this great group for the second time in a row you can add as well – Piotr Pastusiak, who is an international referee from Poland.

This is going to be the first time for Darek as an instructor at REFEREE.PL. Many of you can actually remember him as participant of the camp at the first editions. Well this was in 2004 and now Darek is an International referee and is coming to join OUR TEAM.