Friday 30 October 2020

We are more than happy for the new guest who will come to us from Spain. Daniel Hierrezuelo is unquestionable one of the best officials in Euroleague now, leading the most important games in the league from many seasons.

Dani started to officiate in 1990. Five years after he had his first game in ACB league. Counting until now he had 670 ACB games, 14 King Cup games and 18 Final games in the league. Such a career developed in 2000, when Daniel became an international referee and five years after got his Euroleague license.

He officiates Eurobaskets and Euroleague Final Fours as well as many competitions out of European continent. Lately we could have seen him in 2013/2014 dramatic final of ACB. For more information please check OUR TEAM.

We are sure that Daniel will find time to share with each of you for his personal experience and advices from the court and our camp will give him extra power for the next competition. He goes to International Cup in Rio de Janeiro.