Friday 30 October 2020

This year’s camp it is going to be fantastic. Another name on the list of the instructors, who will come to Walbrzych is George Toliver. As a matter of introduction George is currently working as an Associate Vice President in the Referee Development of NBA.

Referee career

George Toliver has been involved in refereeing professional basketball since 1988. He was an on-court NBA referee for 14 years, was a Group Supervisor for the NBA for 1 season, served as Director, of Referee Development for 8 year and is now Associate Vice President of Referee Development for the NBA.

Toliver officiated high school basketball for 13 years in Virginia, was a member of several major collegiate staffs for 7 years, officiated in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) and United States Basketball League (USBL), and worked internationally as a FIBA referee for 15 years.

In addition, he was the Director of his Referee School for 20 years and continues to be active as a clinician and teacher for aspiring referees.

Player career

Toliver played high school basketball and baseball.  He played collegiate basketball and was the first career 1000 point scorer at James Madison University.  He was also the team captain and MVP for two seasons.  After graduating, he served as an assistant coach at Madison for 2 years.  He then was the Director of Recreational Activities at JMU for 14 years where he was also an active member with NIRSA.

 In 1991 he was inducted into the James Madison University Hall of Fame and in 2012 was inducted into the King George Sports Hall of Fame. He was a member of the 1969 Basketball team that was also inducted into the King George Sports Hall of Fame in 2013.

George has two daughters; Carli and Kristi. Kristi was the 2009 3rd Draft pick in the WNBA and currently plays for the Los Angeles Sparks.

George is coming to camp in Poland to help our participants to develop their officiating skills, same as he does working with the referees from NBA Development League. Enjoy and keep him busy during this four days :)