Monday 8 August 2022

Jasmina was born in Novi Sad and got education in Sports. For 11 years she played basketball in ŽKK Vojvodina and also in the National Team of Yugoslavia with great successes - triple MVP in U16 and U18 categories. She became a referee in 1998 and 5 years later was already a National referee. With 2 years on the National level, Nina passed FIBA Clinic in Antalya and became an International referee. From there her career moved very fast on the top European level, joining the Euroleague in 2005 for Women and in 2008 for the best continental basketball in Men’s Euroleague. Until now she has on her account couple of Final Fours, European and World Championship and Olympics. Way to go!!!

Referee career highlights:
- 1998 – became a referee
- 2003 – National Referee in Serbia  
- 2005 – become an International Referee – FIBA Clinic in Antalya
- 2005 – Euroleague Women and FIBA Cup Women
- 2008 - Euroleague Men, ULEB Cup and Adriatic league
- Final Four - 2007(Moscow) and 2015(Prague), and F8 2014 (Ekaterinburg)
- European Woman Championship 2007(Italy), 2009 (Latvia), 2013(France), 2015(Romania-Hungary)
- 2007 - World Championship U19 Men (Serbia), and U19 Women (Slovakia)
- The Olympic Games in Beijing China 2008
- Qualifications for Olympic games in 2012 (Turkey) and 2016 (France)
- World Championship for Woman in Turkey 2014
- African Championship for Woman in Cameroon 2015