Friday 3 December 2021

We are very happy and proud to start presenting our instructor list for the 14th edition of REFEREE.PL basketball camp for officials taking place 14-17 September in Poland.

TommyJordan Large

The first instructor we want to announce is Tommy Nuñez, who will be with us for the 5th time already in the history of the camp. Some of you had chance to meet him already, but for those who haven’t yet, Tommy is bringing his incredible over 2000 NBA officiated games experience, natural gift of engaging the audience while presenting, great sense of humor, and a lot of stories that will make you think and laugh ... ☺ He is also very dedicated to work with basketball referees, young adepts and support kids. In Radom Tommy will be working with our campers on and off the court helping to master the officiating skills.

 Tommybike MediumTommy is the first and only Hispanic official in any major league sport in the United States. He has an incredible track record of games. Officiated over 2,000 regular NBA season and 75 play-off games in his career (1992 NBA All-star game, the 1992 and 1996 Mexican Challenge, the 1994 European Tour in Paris, France and Spain and the NBA-ABA Tour in Japan in 1974). He met in the court all the NBA stars playesr that you remeber as you were watching basketball as a kid ☺

Previously Tommy worked as Supervisor of Referee's for the NBA - assisting Ronnie Nunn (Director of Officials). Now apart of working at his foundation ( here is what keeps him busy: „I am one of four Regional Advisors for the NCAA D1 Men's basketball. I observe games at (8) major conferences in the Western United States. My position is to evaluate game officials live at about (100) games during the season and then recommend game officials that will be assigned to work the NCAA tournament. "March Madness". I have (3) other partners who work different areas of the Country.” – said Tommy.

We are very, very happy to meet Tommy soon in Radom!!

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