Saturday 1 October 2022

For the fourth time already Milan Brziak, the international referee from Slovakia, will come to the camp, and for the fourth time as an instructor, as at the very beginning 15 years ago, he was with us as a participant. 😊 Milan has a lot of experience from FIBA and Euroleague, and a lot of passion to work with young referees, to help you progress in your career. He will work with you specially to advance you in the game assessment, video situations and instant feedback.


Milan was born in 1969 in Kosice and started to officiate in the age of 20. Five years after he was in his country first division, which in 1997 led him to successfully passed international FIBA license. In his professional track record Milan has 5 seasons in Euroleague and many European championship. His FIBA referee career finished in September 2017, but he still officiates in top Domestic Division Men and Women in Slovakia. In addition, in 2018 Milan joined the instructor team in FIBA passing the FRIP Level 1 Clinic in Istanbul.

Career highlights:

1989 Active referee
1994 1st Division Referee
1997 FIBA Referee – successfully passed International Referee's license in Poland
2003-2008 Euroleague Referee, officiating in ULEB competitions
08/2007 FIBA European Championships U18 Men - Final game in Sofia, Bulgaria
07/2009 FIBA European Championships U18 Women-Final game in Sweden
04/2011 Final Four Women in Jekaterinburg, Russia, 3rd place game
07/2011 FIBA Eurobasket Women in Poland
07/2011 FIBA Eurobasket Women in Poland
07/2015 FIBA European Championships U20 Women-Semifinal game in Spain, Lanzarote
07/2016 FIBA European Championships U16 Women, 3rd place game in Andorra
2017 FIBA European Championships U20 Men, U16 Women
2017 FIBA European Championships U18 Women, QF, Semifinal game in Dublin, Ireland
01/2018 Successfully passed FIBA FRIP Level 1 Clinic for FIBA instructor ‘s in Istanbul, Turkey
09/2018 End of FIBA referee basketball career
09/2018 Continue as referee in Top Domestic Division Men and Women
09/2019 Continue as referee in top Domestic Division Men and Women (26 years in Top Division)