Friday 3 December 2021

We are very happy that Carl Jungebrand - the Head of Referees in FIBA will come to the camp. Multiple instructor (3 times) at REREFEE.PL. We are extremely happy he will be with us this year as well. I am sure you all know his attitude to train referees and like to listen while he speaks about the psychology of officiating.  Please read small teaser, a few words from Carl before the camp.

Marta: How you and basketball found each other?
Carl Jungebrand: I was in the school where in my class we had several guys who played basketball. I started as a football goalkeeper but then in the age of 14 made a choice to move to basketball because it happened to be the sport among my class mates.

What is the best for you at your current role - Head of Refereeing in FIBA?
FIBA made a strategic decision and a strong statement few years back when they decided to hire somebody who is designated only for referee matters. So far all people involved used to have another fields to work as Competition, Coaching etc...
I would say that best is to see the potential what we have globally in the basketball officiating, it just need to be more coordinated and directed in way that all entities start to work together as in the end of the day - everything is about basketball officiating - not African, Asian, European,  Euroleague etc...refereeing.

Will you during the camp tell some stories from work to the campers? :)
I want to always share with the people real experiences, and if some of them will be based on my job then I guess yes.

When you were an active referee did you go to camps as well?
When I started at the international level mid of 80´s there was no any Camps except in USA.
I was lucky to be part of the NBA refereeing program for 6 years and attended in several their camps in USA. Camps are the present and future tool to improve everybody’s' professional skills. We are generally moving in FIBA from "examination type of Clinic" to "practical training type of Camp" concept. You are coming to Camps to improve yourself not to make a exam or title.
It is more important to be a good referee than example a FIBA referee. Other words skills are more valuable than titles.


Carl is responsible for the education of all referees worldwide. This is big responsibility and also a great occasion for you to listen to him and the message he will bring, as it will come from the top of the pyramid.