Friday 3 December 2021

We would like to introduce Professor Ridvan Ekmekçi who will be present at the camp in Antalya and give lectures about psychological preparation to officiating. As well he will help as an instructor, will be watching games and building up your good performance. He will focus on analyzing games from the perspective of psychological condition preparation.

For that in a couple of days we will send you an anonymous test and we will analyze the results during the camp, together with Mr Ridvan.

Mr Ekmekci had very interesting CV, not only he was a basketball player, referee, now a coach too. Officiating also in Sydney, working for Turkish Basketball federation, working also with NBA team on the sport research. As well working for Euroleague. Mostly focusing on his basic job as Psychological Performance Consultant.

Read more about: (LINK z OUR TEAM)

Getting excited? Yes, We are as well. First session starts in 2 weeks. See you soon!