Friday 3 December 2021

Our good friend from Scania Cup will come to REFEREE.PL in Turkey.  Lahdo was already an instructor at the camp in Poland two years ago, but most of you know him for sure from Scania Cup, the camp for referees that takes place in Sweden over Easter holidays.

We are very happy Lahdo will join us this year again. He will mostly help on the side of the court, will be watching games and doing the evaluation with you.

Lahdo Sharro is a Swedish referee, one of the best in his country. Also from a year 2000 he is a Euroleague referee. Which all in total gives him almost 20 years on the court now and many important international matches officiated. Some of you may know Lahdo as an organizer of big referee clinic that is taking place every year in Sodertalje. Lahdo and Kuba are friends from many years already, they refereed a lot of games together and Kuba is also yearly an instructor at the Scania Cup.